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Philips SHH8808 In-Ear Headphones

  • Philips SHH8808 In-Ear Headphones
  • Philips SHH8808 Headphones For iphone And Mobile Phones
  • Philips SHH8808 Earphones For Mobile Phone
  • Philips SHH8808 Earbuds - Storage Pouch
  • Philips SHH8808 Extension cable: 1 m.
  • Philips SHH8808 Earphones -  3 Soft Silicone Caps In Various Sizes.
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Philips SHH8808 In-Ear Headphones

Earphones With Powerful & Deep Sound Performance 
Earbuds For Your Mobile Phone  

Philips SHH8808 In-Ear Earphones


Philips SHH8808 Earphones are perfect to use with any mobile phone. Philips SHH8808 In-Ear Headphones produce deep, clear and high quality sound, at high volume. The SHH8808 Earbuds produces sound particularly suited for use with mobile phones. Special design of the headphones creates a clear and enjoyable music experience.

Philips SHH8808 Headphones Highlights:


Pleasing Sound At Any Moment
  • Philips SHH8808 Earbuds "Sound Improving" feature creates excellent music.
  • Acoustic and angular design gives full sealing against external noises.
  • Wide frequency range obtained by powerful micro drivers.
  • Philips laboratories strict development ensures the highest quality sound.

Maximum User Comfort
  • Thanks to Philips SHH8808 Earphones ergonomic design the earphones  

   naturally fits any ear.
  • Philips SHH8808 is equipped with three sizes of silicone caps to ensure maximum

   comfort and fit.

Suitable For Playing Music From Mobile Phone
  •The Philips SHH8808 cable length is suitable for use with cell phones 

   (Microphone  -  friendly)

Suitable For Any Indoors And Outdoors Use
  • The cable is divided into two equal and symmetrical parts to ensure convenient

     usage without tangles.
  • Flexible and strong connection ensures durability of headphones over time.
  • Anti-tangle slider allows cable connection without annoying ties.
  • Philips SHH8808 Earphones splits cable allows convenient remote control



Philips Shh8808 Earbuds - Box



Philips SHH8808 Headphones Main Features:


Enhanced And High Quality Sound Experience
Philips SHH8808 In Ear Headphones "Sound Improving" feature in conjunction with powerful micro drivers creates a wide, accurate and very high quality sound. The music experience produced at the highest existing technology and quality.

Most Directional Sound
Philips SHH8808 Headphones has a special angled acoustic design that fits perfectly to the anatomy of the ear canal and delivers the music directly into you ears. This special design fits itself individually and creates a perfect seal to prevent disturbing noises to allow you hear high quality music at lower volume levels.

Wider Frequency Range
Special powerful micro drivers produce a wider range of sound and deeper bass. This allows maximum using of your mobile device or your iPod Nano capabilities.

Precise Acoustic Tuning
Philips SHH8808 In Ear Earphones tuned in Philips Laboratories with the most advanced techniques. The special technology of the Philips Laboratories ensures production of high quality and very accurate sound. Precise tuning allows the use of a wider range of frequencies which gives special & extraordinary music experience.

Ear Suitable Design
Special angled design is particularly suitable for the human ear, this design provides maximum comfort and sealing against external noises.

Headphones Suitable For Use With Headset Connector
The Philips SHH8808 Headphones are designed and suitable for use with the headset connector of your phone.Together with the headset connector the cable length will be the most convenient length for any use. Headset connectors allow the use of headphones without built-in microphone with any Cell phone. The headset connectors usually come with the cell phone but you can also buy them separately.

3 Soft Silicone Cap In Various Sizes
Silicon caps are made with special technology that allows maximum softness and comfort. The caps come in three different sizes to allow a perfect fit for all ears.

Detachable Cable
SHH8808 In Ear Earbuds come with a 1m cable with 3.5mm jack in one side and a 3.5mm plug on the other side. It is optional to shorten the headphones cable by disconnecting it for greater freedom of movement.




Philips Shh8808 Earbuds


Philips SHH8808 Headphones Specifications:


  • Magnet type: Neodymium
  • Frequency response: 6 Hz–23,500 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 99 dB
  • Maximum power input: 50 mW
  • Impedance: 16 ohm at 1 kHz
  • Speaker diameter: 13.5 mm
  • Type: Dynamic

  • Cable length: 0.30 m + 1 m
  • Connector: 3.5 mm stereo
  • Finishing of connector: Gold plated

  • Extension cable: 1 m
  • Storage pouch



Philips SHH8808 Headphones dimensions:


Packaging dimensions
  • EAN: 87 12581 45016 8
  • Number of products included: 1
  • Packaging dimensions (W x H x D): 10.2 x 18 x 3 cm
  • Gross weight: 0.0642 kg
  • Net weight: 0.009 kg
  • Tare weight: 0.0552 kg
  • Packaging type: Blister





Philips SHH8808 Headphones - What's in The Box:

  • Philips SHH8808 Headphones.

  • 3 Soft Silicone Caps In Various Sizes.

  • Storage pouch.

  • Extension cable: 1 m.

Philips Shh8808 - 3 Soft Silicone CapsPhilips SHH8808 Headphones - Extension cablePhilips SHH8808 In Ear Earbuds -  Storage pouch


Warranty Information

One Full Year

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